Day trip Norderney

Krummhörn is the ideal location for a daytrip to the popular isle of  Norderney. First you can drive with your car to Norddeich and from there you continue with the ferry. Attention during the ferrydrive cause if you are lucky, you can even spot some seals. Arrived on the isle, there are many possibilities to spend the day. Either relaxing on the beach, taking a swim in the Northsea or a bike tour around the isle.

Mudflat walking

When travelling to Ostfriesland, a mudflat walk is an absolute must do. The Nationalpark Wattenmeer is the natural habitat for many different kinds of shells, worms and crab. You can explore the Nationalpark through various ways; Either you book a guided tour at the Uplewarder Trockenstrand, here you can experience the Nationalpark together with a certified Nationalpark guide. Or if you are more adventurous you can walk from the  mainland to the isle Baltrum.

Lighthouse Campen

The lighthouse Campen is not as famous as the "Otto Leuchtturm", but it is the highest in Germany and it reminds a little of the Eiffel tower in Paris. When you climb all the 308 stairs, the beautiful view across the countryside will show you that it was worth it. The opening hours of the lighthouse are daily from 11 a.m to 5 p.m during high season.


If you want to experience Ostfriesland in action, hiring a canoe is the perfect way to do so. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the water and float through all the different canals to the lake or the Sea. The best place to hire a canoe is at the Paddel und Pedalstation, they have 20 different locations throughout Ostfriesland and you have the option to paddle from one place to another and take a bike for the way back.

Flying kites

In Ostfriesland there is no need to worry about the kite not flying in the air, cause there is always enough wind. Flying kites is a fun activity for the entire family. The best location to fly your kite is the dyke, there you also have a nice view on the sea. Once a year there is a kite festival Drachenfest at the Uplewarder Trockenstrand, where you can observe many different kinds of kites in all colours and shapes.