5 Tips for rainy days in "Ostfriesland"


The East-Frisians are well-known for their tea traditions. On a rainy day it's a perfect idea to enjoy a real East-Frisian tea ceremony. The "Tearoom" in Poppingas Alte Bäckerei next to the old harbour of Greetsiel offers the perfect setting for the "Ostfrieschische Teetied". If you'd prefer to prepare the tea in your holiday apartment in the following link you can find the recipe. 

Oase Greetsiel

If you just want to have a relaxing time in the sauna or take a swim, the Oase Greetsiel offers you the perfect setting. When you want to experience some more action, the Erlebnisbad Ocean Wave in Norddeich is a good alternative with its saltwater pools, water slide, real waves and an outside area.

Kunsthalle Emden

The art gallery Kunsthalle Emden offers different exhibitions throughout the year. With its focus on active art, children and adults can experience the art their own way. After having experienced all the art you can relax and enjoy a coffee in Café Henri's.


In the seal sanctuary Seehundstation Norddeich abondoned seals are raised and when they are ready to live on their own they are brought back into the sea. Visitors can observe thei swimming skills and see how the little seals are fed. Additionally, there is an exhibition center about the topic Nationalpatk Wattenmeer, perfect for families with kids.

EEZ Energie- und Erlebniszentrum

At the energy exhibition center Energie Erlebniswelt in Aurich you can experience the world of power through interactive games and experients. Great for families with kids.